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Mar 2017

Challenges, Contests, and Tasks, Oh My!

Challenges, Contests, and Tasks, Oh My!

Isn’t it fun when we challenge ourselves to something worthwhile? What would you say to challenging a friend or group of friends to a creative quilt challenge? There are many on social media (Facebook, for one); however, if you have a group of peers who are quilters, why not start a contest of your own?

We, at Merry Moose, suggest first purchasing fabric to get started. One idea is to create a middle, and then move the soon-to-be work-of-art on to friends who can each take turns making a border or something compelling to surround it. Perhaps the others have additional fabric that blends well with yours…perhaps, a cotton, or flannel.

After each person adds to the masterpiece, you just never know what you will get back, and isn’t that a fun part of this contest?  Often, you might start with a certain color, and make a few blocks. Send the same amount of blocks to the others in the group. Your quilt is handmade from what you and everyone else has done.

Another idea is to start with colors. Add a rule of favorite colors only. Everyone chooses theirs and see how many variations there are from just one color.

Once you have established ground rules, if any, perhaps you may decide to donate the quilt to charity. You may raffle it off and donate it to a church or foster home. You all may know a senior citizen who is in need, or it might look beautiful hanging on the library wall. There are not only many ideas for how to complete your quilt; there are also many ideas on how to pass it on.

Merry Moose knows that you will have great experiences in your challenges, and no matter who keeps or receives the quilt, it will be appreciated because it was made with love.