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Mar 2017

County and State Fair Entry

County and State Fair Entry

Ready, set, summer! It will be here before we know it!

Have you ever dreamed of or thought of entering your quilt in the County or State Fair? Have you ever imagined your project on The Wall, or in The Showcase? To be ready on time to enter your masterpiece, it’s time to begin your award-winning project now.

Since your county fair is most likely seeking new quilts to feature, yours would look beautiful on display…You know, the quilt that receives all the ooohs and ahhhs. Your quilt could even be an inspiration for someone who is looking for ideas and are aching to create one that is all their own!

Be sure that before you enter your quilt, that it is first of all…finished. I am not sure if they have a wall for ¾ completed quilts…but, maybe. Make sure that it’s laundered properly, and that your quilt is groomed with all threads cut off.

Inquire about the fair rules: call the county and state fairgrounds for the paperwork to fill out beforehand, or find out if you can enter online. You can access this information on the internet, I’m sure.

You’ll need to know about all fees, if any, associated with entering, and how soon you will need to deliver your baby. You’ll need to know how long you’ll be leaving your quilt, and the safety factor (after all, it is an investment). If you have liability concerns about leaving your quilt for several weeks, now is the time to check that out.

Merry Moose suggests finding out the entry date early on. This is most important. If you’re still working on your quilt close to the fair date, you’ll need to know the latest date to enter. Often, fair rules require you to enter early for judging. If, by chance, there is a blue ribbon in your future, you’d like to have your project hanging beautifully for all to see, and perhaps, find some inspiration.