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Mar 2015

Crazy for Templates

Crazy for Templates

I’m sure most of us have made one of the Easy Striped Table Runners using the 60 degree ruler!! But have you ever REALLY checked out templates? When I first started quilting, I thought that if I needed anything other than a ruler and rotary cutter to get a quilt done, I didn’t need to do it! Well, a lot has changed since those days 15-20 years ago! Templates are simply amazing. Even a most difficult quilt is made much easier by using templates.

Tonight’s “installment” of Marti and Me Club featured hexagons. I can hear the moans already but it was an easy and fairly painless way to make hexagons in your quilt. These even had interlocking borders. Were they hard? No! Did I have to think a bit? Yes! But once I got it down, they zip along quite easily.

Marti and Me Club features a new template every month. Designed by Marti Michell (NOT Marty the Moose)they are an excellent tool and can make even the hardest of designs quite easy. Her instructions are fantastic. You get a history of the quilt square you’re working on and the best ways to cut them out. We’ll start a new club in July, but the next time you’re in the store ask for a demonstration on some of the favorites OR go to frommarti.com and check her videos out yourself! When you join us in July, you get a free pattern for the project of the evening, a class on how to use it AND some good conversation!