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Jan 2017

Cuddle® Fabric

Cuddle® Fabric

For a wonderful fabric that will simply warm your heart, Merry Moose Quilt Shoppe loves Cuddle ® Fabric. Cuddle belongs to the Shannon Fabrics family and is an amazingly soft material to work with. If you’ve never hugged, I mean, worked with it before, you will be delighted!

Here are a few thoughts with reference from Shannon Fabrics for you about Cutting your Cuddle fabrics:

• Cuddle Dust lives…When cutting Cuddle, be aware of… “Cuddle Dust.” Although that sounds cute (or it did to me when I first heard it) you will want to control it. You will notice that the longer the fibers are in the fabric, the more dust will accumulate. It happens. In order to manage the amount of dust, it is suggested that cutting shorter fabrics with your rotary cutter. After removing the fabrics from your cutting surface, place the Cuddle fabrics in the dryer for approximately 10 minutes on low heat with a washcloth. This will be a one and done shedding event, so when the shedding is done, you will not have to worry about it again. (You will like the sound of that.)
• For Cuddle with longer fibers, such as Rose Cuddle, and faux furs: draw a cutting line on the backside of the fabric. Using your scissors, cut only through the backing. Separate (pull the fabric apart) and dry it on low heat.
• Being careful (Merry Moose trusts you) not to suck up any fabric, vacuum (or dust-bust) along the cutting lines before moving the fabric that you just cut.
• Alert! Be sure to check the nap before cutting each piece to ensure that it is heading in the right direction. (Just turn on your GPS.)
• Cuddle fabric will not fray. That bears repeating, so you may even want to use the Cuddle raw edge on your binding.
• For pattern pieces, avoid pinning through the layers. Rather, cut the pieces, and hold them in place with pattern weights. A ruler can work as well, if handy.
• Lastly, if your project needs to be ironed, a press cloth is suggested.

Stay tuned for our next blog on sewing and assembling your Cuddle project.

Merry Moose thanks you for reading our blog. We hope that you will “assemble” some tips that will help you with your fun quilting and sewing projects!

Stay warm and cozy!