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Jan 2017

Double Gauze

Double Gauze

Double Gauze is a beloved fabric of Merry Moose. It has a graceful appeal. It is unique, with an “open weave” that does not disappoint for warm or cool weather wear.

Also known for its usage in the medical field for its healing properties, Gauze has been used for centuries in creating beautiful, wearable fabrics. Gauze or Gazzatum, a fine type of silk, originated in Palestine, in the Gaza district, in the 13th Century. Finding its way to America, Gauze is appreciated for its lightweight attractiveness. Created with Gauze or Cross weave (two warp yarns twisted around the weft yarns) offer a strong, however, sheer product). This construction provides for the fabric to remain loose while adding stability to the fabric.)

Double gauze is, you guessed it…two layers of gauze. These layers are stitched together and are only noticeable on the wrong side of the material.  It will actually seem like only one layer.

This loose or moveable weave creates a breathable, somewhat airy fabric. Although, double gauze does tend to wrinkle, you will still be thrilled with the so-very-soft feel, and two layers provides that just-right amount of weight, for that desirable shape.

Fun projects to create with double gauze goes only as far as your imagination will take you! Even though summer comes to mind instantly when you think of double gauze…don’t give up on those winter fabrics! For cozy and super soft material, you will look forward to a snow day, or cozy fire and movie cuddling up with hot chocolate, in double gauze warm-ups, or “jammies.” Don’t toss out the idea of a swaddle blanket for that new baby, like Sugar Cookie or Honey Bun!

Merry Moose hopes that you have learned a few things about Double Gauze. It is a versatile fabric and we will be happy to provide any inspiration or “atta girl” whenever needed.

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