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Feb 2017

Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters, Great Ideas!

Fat Quarters…Hmmm…What can we do with 18” x 22” pieces of fabric? Fun things, that’s what!

From a headrest for a new sofa, to a colorful, framed gift for your best friend, Fat Quarters create awesome projects! It never fails that when you’re entertaining, you cannot find potholders, another great project. (I use them for trivets as well.)

For your child’s nursery, how about a set of wall hangings to decorate his or her closet doors…perhaps,   in a set of two or more for a car or princess theme? The sky is the limit when projects are for little ones. The fun thing is that you can make them in colors to coordinate with other projects, such as creating a flower or insect theme. How about a bottle warmer for the little one’s night away?

Ok, Grandma, you need an inspired place for those cherished projects that your grandchildren have made for you. If your fridge is full, a Fat Quarters project might go on your list of things to do to keep those drawings and bulkier works of art protected. You might also make a place to keep game board pieces that could escape during your family’s game night. You sure do not want to lose them! Create a project for your car. If the sun is too bright in your child’s face, use a suction-cup hook to hang a cool-toned Fat Quarters shade on the window to block the warm sun.

With a Fat Quarters project, your creativity spans as far as your imagination. Merry Moose loves Fat Quarters projects so much, that we’re having a sale! A big Fat Tuesday sale on February 28, to be exact! Get as many fat quarters as you want, need or just must have for only $2.00 each.  Merry Moose Quilt Shoppe has some free patterns to help boost your inspiration, and we cannot wait to see you in the shoppe!

Thank you for reading this little taste of Fat Quarters for Fat Tuesday, coming soon!