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May 2017

Keeping Your Quilt Safe

Keeping Your Quilt Safe

Congratulations, you’re done! You have that feeling of accomplishment, and you love what you have created! The quilt for your sister’s baby shower is pink, petite, and one of your best works of art. Since she lives in a small apartment with no storage space, she has asked you to keep it for her until the baby arrives… three months from now. How do you store it to stay fresh, and as if you had just given it to her yesterday?

While we want to enjoy our quilts, we often must store them for others or because space is at a premium.  To keep them looking and smelling fresh, you might try these ideas:

  • The rule of thumb is to wrap your quilt in a cotton sheet to avoid dust particles. This will also help to keep it clean, as well. Be aware of insects, such as moths, silverfish, and other bugs that eat material, so keep it in a place that you know is secure.
  • Devise a plan of where to store your quilt – always avoid locations where temperatures could damage your quilt, such as in a basement (musty, mildew, or mold possibilities).
  • Avoid contact with moisture of any kind. Also, remember that the sun could fade your masterpiece, and ruin the fabric fibers, so please, keep it in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Try your best not to leave your quilt folded for long periods of time. Lay it out if possible, covering it with a cotton sheet for the best protection.
  • If you must fold your quilt due to room constraints, every now and then, be sure to re-fold it in a different manner – with a brand of acid-free paper tucked in between to eliminate creases. Tip:  Tissue paper is not acid-free.

By applying these tricks as much as possible, you should have great luck with your quilt storage, keeping it beautiful for years to come.

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