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May 2015

Let’s Slooooooowwww Down Part 2

Let’s Slooooooowwww Down Part 2

I’m going to attempt to walk you through a few “steps” to help you learn about the Slow Stitching Movement. The first thing we’re going to talk about is quality. Have you ever bought a very expensive outfit and were amazed at how you felt in it? Did it fit better? Was the workmanship better? Was the color better? I’m guessing the answers to those questions are yes! You had to pay a little more for it but the end product was sensational. The same holds true for eating out- McDonald’s or a wonderful sit down restaurant- you know which one you probably prefer. Most of us would rather sit and enjoy the meal than wolf it down in the car. OK, let’s move this over to the your quilting projects. I remember one of the first quilts I made out of “cheaper” fabric. I did not know better nor had anyone (at this point) informed me that there was better quality fabric out there to make quilts from. It was all about get it done and get it done now. That quilt is no longer around today. It wore out, the batting bunched and it’s in the garbage somewhere! What if, just once this year, you went to your local quilt shop ( I’m not talking fabric.com, I’m talking about your local quilt shop where they are there to help you every step of the way) and actually took some time to peruse the books and patterns and ideas that your local quilt shop has (or maybe even a class) and find one QUALITY project to do. Then, instead of running to a bargain store to get bargain fabric, you bought that QUALITY fabric from that local quilt store. You are now on your way to a QUALITY HEIRLOOM quilt. No more McDonald’s for you, at least for this quilt. You are going to make a once in a lifetime quilt and you are going to enjoy the process all the way through. Start with the choosing of fabric, take your time, no one is rushing you. Think about the colors you really want, the style you want and what size you want it to be. Maybe you took the Ice Crystals Class and you’d really like to finish that or maybe you’re doing the Block of the Month and you could enjoy that process every month. This is YOUR special quilt! Make it yours!!! Don’t listen to that voice telling you what you SHOULD do, listen to the voice that says, “this is what I’ve always wanted to do”! You are now enjoying the process of picking your project and, after all, this time it really is all about YOU!!!