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Jun 2015

Let’s Sloooooowwwwww Down Part 3

Let’s Sloooooowwwwww Down Part 3

Today we’re going to get even deeper into the slow stitching movement and let you know what the Slow Stitching Movement REALLY is! We’ve talked about quality, not quantity. We’ve talked about taking time and not speeding through it, enjoying the process!! Here is what The Slow Stitching Movement is…
Making time to immerse ourselves in our creative process and give it our FULL attention.
Developing and learning excellent techniques beyond quick and easy.
Supporting our local fabric and fiber shops and industry.
Use the best fabrics, tools, threads, books, etc that we can afford…and actually use them!
Learn the history of some fabric or fiber art or artists in your area.
Don’t be duped or dumbed down by commercialism (i.e. latest and greatest!)
Create that one important piece of work in our lifetime that will leave our legacy
Label and document our work for future generations and historians
Remember why we began working with fiber and fabric in the first place, then connect with our work on a deeper level instead of from shop, to machine, to closet.
Maybe just discover who you are through art and craft
Paying attention to inspirational, new and creative ideas around us every moment of every day.
It’s about the creative appreciation for the work of others and creating artistic wonder for yourself and the world.
Enjoying the process of creating, step by step, rather than rushing a deadline or the end of a project.

Please know that I did not think of these, most of this “inspiration” is from an article written by Mark Lipinski. However, if you’re struggling with creativeness, maybe a slow down IS in order. Visit a local quilt shop and let the creative process begin! Take a class that teaches a technique you thought you couldn’t do (like some of the ladies in the picture). Maybe you’ll find out that you real CAN do this! And, maybe, just maybe, your heirloom quilt will have it’s start!