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May 2015

Let’s Sloooowwww Down Part 1

Let’s Sloooowwww Down Part 1

While I don’t know how many of you know of or who Mark Lipinski is-let me give a brief introduction! I attended the FabShop Network’s banquet to open Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis last Wednesday evening. It was my privilege (and, yes, a pleasure) to be seated at the same table as Mark Lipinski, who just happened to be one of the speakers that night. Mark has been in quilting for many years and before that, a tv producer. He used to have his own magazine called Quilter’s Home, that didn’t have tons of patterns in it, just ideas and thoughts and, yes, a few quilts and “stuff” in it. It’s been a number of years since I had heard anything of Mark and, now I know, for good reason. He has had some health issues, but trust me, he is back in full “go” mode! While ill, he began thinking and while looking at quilt magazines, realized we have come to live in a quick world. Look at the cover of your favorite quilt magazine-how many “quick” patterns are there in it. Look at your favorite food magazine-how many “quick” recipes are there in it. Years ago, a slow food movement was started. Slow down, enjoy good, quality food and stop hurrying through it. It is with those ideas that the Slow Stitching Movement is taking hold! Why are we always in a hurry to finish our quilt, only to start another? Why do we race to the quilt shop or other fabric store, get something “quick” and then act like it’s a race that is ours to win if we finish it quick enough? Why are all of our magazines loaded with so many quick and easy projects? Have you ever thought about your OWN creativity? Do you stop to think about what you’re doing as you quilt? I’ll be writing a few posts and bring some ideas to the forefront that, I will be honest with you, I’m quite intrigued by and hope you will be too. See you next time!