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May 2017

Memorial Day, We Shall Not Forget

Memorial Day, We Shall Not Forget

Memorial Day is a time to reflect, remember, and count our blessings. So many of our servicemen and women have given their lives so that we could be here enjoying ours today.

When you see a serviceman or woman, be sure to say, “Thank you,” reaching out to those who serve in a first responder, law enforcement, or firefighter capacity, as well. We are grateful to those who keep us safe from day to day. They do so much more than we know.

Memorial Day is not only a barbeque, picnic, or music festival with loved ones. We stop to think of those who were so very brave and gave the ultimate cost on the frontlines and at home.

Be sure to read to your children and grandchildren about who defends our country, and who puts on the boots every day, without reservation. Tell them about those who defend our country, our cities, and our streets so that we can sleep at night. Tell them who cannot come home because they gave us a special gift. Celebrate life.

Give some thought as to what freedom means to you and your family. Celebrate for the children who call their father daddy, for the first time. Also, rejoice for those who have served more than one tour of duty across the seas.

Revel in the fact that we live where we do…America…”Land of the free,” where we are able to express our thoughts and actions for the good. America…Where we have the opportunity to help others, serve our city, our nation, and help our country to become better, and stronger. Our servicemen and women gave that right to us. Let’s remember, and work to unify this country together, for them.

Thank you, from Merry Moose.