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Feb 2017

Old Projects

Old Projects

Sharing a Merry Moose Idea

Ok…where do you keep It? Do you keep it in a closet, in a bin, under the bed, or in a hope chest? It might be right there laying on your bed, calling out to you, “Pick me today, pick me.”

Another great reason to clean out, or organize our spaces, is that many of us quilters have previously-started projects that have not been looked at, or given any love for a long while. Is it time to locate and resurrect your creation? Where, oh, where is my gorgeous (potential) quilt now?

That said, Merry Moose has a challenge for you. Providing you with bragging rights, this challenge offers a few options:

The fabulous (oldster) quilt that has been hiding because its strings are showing would love to feel complete, of value…a whole quilt. For that, Merry Moose challenges you to take one day a week, perhaps for a few hours, or whatever time you can spare, to work on giving new life to your UFO.Remember how terrific you feel when you work on your masterpieces!

Perhaps you have moved on…You’re ready for fresh, new patterns, softer fabric, updated textures! You go girl; however, you’ll still need to find a good home for your old friend.

Flea Markets & Flee Markets

To find a great home, perhaps you’d like to consider a quilting group. Your local quilt guild is filled with women who would so enjoy your first love. Perhaps someone would take it home, dress it up, and hang it on her favorite wall. Perhaps, once finished, she will donate it to charity.

Merry Moose might be persuaded (with a little help from friends) to organize a flea market where a warm, friendly atmosphere is home to older, incomplete projects that need love from someone else. Rather  than fleeing from your project, you can bring it in for a trade that is of more interest. Swap yours, for theirs.  Let us know if this is something you would like to participate in.

If, on the other hand, you are very happy with an earlier project, and decide to revive it for yourself, yay! (By the way, just how old IS your oldest project?) Merry Moose invites you to share it on Facebook, a great place to shower fellow quilters with your accomplishments and what you are proud of. There are many options for your previous, and often, most-dear quilting projects. Share your true colors!