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May 2017

Dear Mother

Dear Mother

She’s the one who taught you how to beautifully quilt

Standing on morals, you were proudly built.

She’s been there for you through right and through wrong,

She gave you a voice; you are her song.

She was your very first, and most cherished friend

And for yourself she taught you to fend

She played dress up, and house and had tea parties too.

Where would you be without tying your shoes?


You may have danced together In high-heels and skirts

She warned you of the handsome guys who just loved to flirt.

She was happy for you on your wedding day

Pink or blue, she was there too, on that day.


Through thick and thin, you’re side-by-side

In body, in spirit, a relationship – bonified.


A Mother’s love is never lost,

it may hide a while, but has no cost.

Unconditional, pride-free and true,

Your Mother’s Love, her gift to you.


~Carol Marshall © April 30, 2017


Happy Mother’s Day from Merry Moose! We hope that your special day connects you with your loved one close by or far away.