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Apr 2017

Quarantined for Quilting

Quarantined for Quilting

We, at Merry Moose, welcome you back!  It’s fun to catch you up on what’s been going on!

Can you believe that it’s spring already? We’re having a hard time grasping that, as well. We’re ready, though, for some new, fun projects, and invite you to visit Merry Moose for some seasonal motivation.

Since spring is the season to “get it done,” we need to ensure that we stay on track now until summer. Often, it’s difficult to complete it all, though. Quilting is the same way…not enough hours…

Just think how many times we’ve said, “That would have been a great time for me to work on a quilting project.” If only we knew ahead, right?

By scheduling out our projects over a couple of weeks, or perhaps – a month, life would be easier and less hectic. That beautiful heritage quilt calendar that serves as inspiration in your quilting room will do, nicely. Those large, empty squares on each page are there for our use.

The boys go to the ballgame, and we quilt. The girls try out for cheerleading, and we quilt. We DVR the quilting show, and Dr. Oz, and turn on the playlist songs on our phone. We then go to town on the activity that we love most…quilting.

By scheduling out our days and most precious times to quilt, frees us. Our minds relax knowing that our days are set in stone, our calendars are marked, our phones are poised on the ready, and our time is reserved – no one can penetrate our hallowed walls of creativity! Get on your mark, get set…