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Mar 2017

Quilting Inspiration

Quilting Inspiration

Merry Inspirations! Ideas come to us from the most unique places! Some of us get inspired while scrubbing the tub, you know…the water droplets that make a pretty pattern around the drain. The odd-shaped stain in your husband’s shirt, or the pattern of trees in the park as you drive by count as well. Or, do you see things in your coffee at 7 a.m?

We, at Merry Moose, would like to know where your quilting inspiration comes from. Did you see a quilt online that gave you the warm fuzzies and thought, “Can I get fries with that?” I mean, “Can I get a kit for that?”

You may have seen a pattern as a sample in a shop and dreamed about it. “What if I change the colors altogether? What if I used a different thread thickness, or perhaps, a unique fabric, or what if I just change a border? Oh, what a daydream can bring!  Did you see the perfect quilt in a magazine, or in a book? How can you make it all your own?

Perhaps your children or grandchildren motivate you. They are so active and imaginative. Perhaps the pattern in their kaleidoscope has created a design that has spoken to you!

At the grocery store, the latest coloring book patterns are fun as well. You might even consider checking out a quilting guild, club, or online quilter’s chat room…or you can start one.

We’re all inspired in different ways. Getting out into nature – your garden can also bring to mind pattern ideas that might grow and grow. We would dye to know.

Our Facebook page would be a great place to tell us all where your inspirations evolve. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!