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Apr 2017

Quilting is Picking Up

Quilting is Picking Up

The Merry Moose has spring fever! Open the windows and let the sunshine in, girls! It’s time for a little cleaning up in our Quilter’s Quarters!

Before we put the pedal-to-the-metal on our machines, let’s look around and think – Spring Cleaning! While it may take some time, just think about those three little words that will make it all worthwhile…clean and comfy!

Those dust bunnies can run, but, they can’t hide! We pull out our Swiffer® and give him a whirl.  The dancing show on TV, has nothing on us!

We want to keep our fabrics nice and fresh. Dust particles that float in through the window or from the windowsill, need to be eliminated quickly. Pulling out the vacuum, a dust cloth, and disinfectant spray will help do the trick. Would it pass the white glove test?

Perhaps your window treatments need to be updated or just dusted. If it’s been a while, Merry Moose recommends using a slightly dampened cloth to catch the particles that you can see. Don’t forget the ceiling fan, lamps, above the doors, sewing machine, books, tools, and quilting table.  The idea here is the ability to breathe easy, relax, and enjoy your quilting space.

Spending so much quality time in your quilting paradise – on average, how many earring backs do you think that you’re lost in your carpet, not to mention tiny bits of thread? We’re way too responsible to lose anything like a straight pin – of course. If you’ve dropped some cookie crumbs during the winter, it might be time to shampoo. If you have hard or engineered wood, Merry Moose recommends using a good floor cleaner so that if you do drop a piece of batting, or edging, you won’t blink just picking it up to use.

Merry Moose wants you to be healthy in your happy space. It “tickles us” to help you in whichever ways that we can.

Merry Moose knows one thing: Our friendship is binding. Enjoy Spring!