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Apr 2017

Row by Row Experience

Row by Row Experience

We would like to announce our participation in the Row by Row Experience this year! We are very excited to see how all of your quilts come together.

What is the Row by Row Experience?

Each year there is a theme. Last year was Home Sweet Home, thus the Moose and a log cabin! This year’s theme is On the Go! Our sample is not completed yet for this year but suffice it to say there is an outhouse involved! Our Marty the Moose will be On-the-Go!

The event started in 2011 in New York and has grown steadily over the last few years to the US, Canada, and Europe.  The premise is to get people IN to the shops while on summer vacation, not just driving by. The patterns are free for the asking (one per person only though) but the kits to make each row are purchased. These can NOT be ordered online (unless shipped after November 1); you must stop in a shop to get them. Each row is 9″ x 36″ finished and each shop designs their own row, so you can have many different ideas that all go with the theme. We can not sell the rows until the kick off day which is June 21 (first day of summer) and runs through Labor Day. After Labor Day, they can not be sold anywhere (shops or online). It’s called the hibernation period. It gives people a chance to finish their quilts. The goal is to make a quilt of a minimum of 8 rows that you have collected. Take it to your local quilt shop and if you are the first one to bring one in, you receive a prize! You’ll receive a second prize if you happen to have that shop’s row in your quilt. Rows may be vertical or horizontal. There are numerous other things that go along with it.

We already have this year’s fabric license plate. Once again, each shop picks their saying and this year, we customized ours with our logo:

row by row

We will also have licensed Row x Row fabric in the shop this year. These fabrics are great for bags that use the license plate in it some place or as borders, etc., for the finished quilts.


row by row

Row by Row Junior

This year there is also a Row x Row Jr. that is intended to get grandmas and moms sewing with the young kids. These rows are not nearly so hard and easily done with a bit of help. There is also some fun stuff that the kids can do and watch online with Row x Row Jr. We are also a participating shop for that but have not gotten samples of that completed yet. Same premise, free pattern, can purchase the kit of fabric for the row.

Row x Row Kick Off/What’s New Review Open House

We will have a big kick off on June 21, 2017 from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Please join us for the Row by Row Experience this year!