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Jun 2017

Row by Row is a Go!

Row by Row is a Go!

Whew! We have survived the first day of the 2017 Row by Row Experience!  We had visitors from as far away as Texas and Wyoming on our first day!  How did YOU experience it?   I hope you were out visiting your favorite local quilt shop or maybe you’re making a vacation out of it.  What fun it is to gather the rows so you can design your own very special quilt.

Of course, we think our moose dancing his way to the outhouse is one of the cutest!  If you’re not able to stop in and see us this summer, you can pre order your kit here and we’ll be happy to ship it AFTER November 1st when this year’s Row by Row officially ends.  If you happen to be collecting license plates, our plate is sporting a great “moose stash” this year.  The plate is available online as well.  Of course, we’d rather see you in person, but if you can’t make it to ND, this is the next best option.

Row by Row is a great way for you to visit some shops you wouldn’t normally get to.  It’s also a great way to shop your local quilt shop and help keep them in business!  We all depend on great quilters like yourselves to keep us doing what we love and Row by Row Experience is a great way to find new shops and make new friends. We are proud to be a part of it for the second year.  This year, you’ll also be treated to Row by Row Jr when you stop in.

Come show us your smiley face this summer while you are “on the go”!  We’d love to see you!