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Apr 2017

Sew Versus Grow

Sew Versus Grow

It sure is nice outside, we think. I have some plants in the backyard that desperately need tending to, and those trees won’t prune themselves.

While one hand is in a glove set for gardening; the other is on the sewing machine. It’s not a tough choice.

Batting versus bulbs: If I choose to plant for the fall pop-ups, will I have the desired time to finish that cute project for the baby shower on time? Again, the choice seems clear.

While quilting is truly your active passion, does staying in, ignoring those weeds, make sense? Tan, what tan? Again, those pansies will not get planted by the men in the house, unless they will benefit a man cave, somehow. On the other hand, will the “cave quilt” ever get finished?

The tools of the trade are quite different as well. A sewing machine versus a leaf blower. Hmmm…Some would say that this type of gardening is men’s work. Others will argue that you get to wear a cute hat, gardening gloves and shoes, and a gardening apron. You’re all dressed up and where do you grow? My bet is still your sewing room. If you don’t have a dress code when you quilt, you can wear all but the gloves while you work on your table runner, and no one will know.

Merry Moose knows that you have other things in life beside quilting – well, sort of. With quilting, you thrive with thread, and gardening you flourish in a bed. It’s that simple, and you don’t need to make a choice when you block some time for the outdoors.

During our break from our Four-Patch, we bring life to our flower patch. Being torn from patterns to planting can be a good thing. Being outdoors helps us to focus, that is, clears the cobwebs, if you will. If your allergies don’t attack you, I know that your guilt will.

From quilting borders to garden borders, we learn that boundaries are good for our health and happiness by learning to relax, de-stress and leave more fun for what’s ahead indoors.