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Jan 2017

Sewing and Assembling with Cuddle Fabric

Sewing and Assembling with Cuddle Fabric

Welcome back to the Merry Moose blog! Here we will talk about Sewing and Assembling with Cuddle ® Fabric. We, at Merry Moose, hope you will enjoy working with Cuddle!

Sewing Your Project: For sewing with Cuddle fabric, below you will find a few tricks of the trade that may help with your next project.

• Using only 8 stitches per inch, sew with a 90/14 Stretch Needle. Merry Moose also likes the rule, ”New project, new needle.”
• Here, please be alert to the straight of grain, and stretch. We’re here to keep you on the straight and narrow)
• Pin Well, my friends, and ever…Sew Slowly.
• Use a Walking (Even Feed) Foot. By using your Feed Dogs, you will prevent pleating, and your fabric will not shift.
• Employ the needle down position on your sewing machine if you have one. (If you do not, turn the wheel on the right side of your machine to poke the needle into the fabric. Continue stitching.
• Please check that your Presser Foot tension is not too tight.
• If your stitch quality on rugs and extra-thick material seems inadequate, as you sew through layers, perhaps a 100/16 needle will do the trick for you.
Assembling Your Project:
• When sandwiching and using appliques, spray adhesives work best when keeping your fabrics, batting and backing together. When using any spray, make sure that your work area is very well ventilated. A 505® Spray and also, Fix (ODIF are great).
• For your batting, Merry Moose recommends Quilters Dream Puff ™ and Quilters Dream®. You will find these to be “light and lofty,” and will not add too much more weight. Poly-Down® from Hobbs Bonded Fibers is also very nice.
Care Of Your Project:
• While washing in cold water and tumbling in a cool dryer, remember not to use a fabric softener.