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Mar 2017

Tea Towels

It’s tea time…tea towel time that is!

Does the sound of tea towels sound totally dainty to you? Do you imagine a tea party with your best friends? There are so many uses for tea towels and we can give them as gifts, which is our favorite.

Here at Merry Moose, we not only have some tea towels that can provide a quick, fun project, but also, oodles of inspiration for you. At Merry Moose, you are never at a loss for creative vision.

By merely sewing on an attractive border, you have turned a simple tea towel into a birthday, or thank- you gift. Perhaps you’d like to use machine embroidery to create a beautiful housewarming present.

Yes! You have decided to play with tea towels and stretch your imagination; however, now, what can you use them for? Well, my friend, Merry Moose will enlighten you.

Kitchen towels are not only useful, they are mandatory if you use water, have a husband, or toddlers. Tea towels can be used for kitchen towels and you can make them all your own by using an inventive border, embroidery work, or stitch on an initial or two. Just think of what a fun bridal shower gift you can make.

How about themed napkins? St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and the wearin’ o’ the green can include colors for your table. Also, why rule out a hand towel for the powder room? Who says that we cannot use tea towels to decorate our vanities? A whimsical mermaid, or embroidered sea shell would be a nice touch for guests.

As you can read, this a partial list of some amazing ideas that you can adopt to have fun with tea towels. You already enjoy making beautiful things with your hands, so why not try a project that will be a fun, practical, and decorative item for you or a friend?

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