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May 2016

Thoughts from Market

Thoughts from Market

Ever feel like your sitting on the edge of brain overload? Welcome to the end of quilt market! While the new fabrics and gadgets are great to look at and touch, there is so much more to quilt market than just “what’s new”! Here are a few highlights from Salt Lake City:

1. Running into Deb Luttrell from Stitchin’ Heaven in Texas. She grabbed me, gave me a big hug and we had a wonderful quick chat. Yes, I would like to go on one of her quilting cruises with her!!!

2. Meeting up with one of the other “survivors” from Deb Luttrell’s Boot Camp in Texas. Lifelong friends from a 3 day class! Angie owns the Noble Quilter in MN and you should all check out her website also. She’s a great gal.

3. Having dinner the first night here with a few hundred “friends” that also belong to Fab Shop Network. They’re the ones that bring you the fabulous online shop hops.

4. Visiting with some of the designers who aren’t your big names. My favorite -“bean counter Quilts”-those patterns will be in the Moose soon!

5. A full day of 1/2 hour classes from different fabric companies, pattern designers and gadget gurus. How does one really remember all of those great new items? Notes, notes and notes!!!

6. A class to try and teach this old dog new tricks with Facebook, website, Pinterest, Instagram. It’s a slow go, but it’s going!

7. Inspiration abounds and sitting alone in a hotel room to make plans for the future of The Moose is a most fulfilling feeling! Just wait til you see what we’ve got in store for you!

8. Sounds weird, but visiting with a hotel staff for four days, makes you realize that even if they don’t like what they’re doing-they sure make the hotel a great place to call home for awhile. We could all take lessons from that.

So, as I pack my bags (yes, more than one) and head to California to see my granddaughters for a few days, I feel refreshed and ready to roll with some fantastic new things for The Moose! Can’t wait for you all to see what’s in my head!!

Happy quilting!