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Aug 2016

What are YOU working on?

What are YOU working on?

Have you ever been asked that question? I find myself asking that question a lot when people walk into the shop. Yes, it’s a way to start a conversation, but, really, quilters are very very creative and I’m inspired by each one of their answers.

Picture the excited new grandma, busily planning or sewing a new quilt for the soon to arrive granddaughter or grandson. This isn’t just a quilt, this MUST be something special. It can’t be just pink or blue, it’s gotta be something different. Think about how hard this is to accomplish. You probably know if it’s a boy or girl but how can you (you can’t) know what colors he or she will like, what kinds of toys they will like. You could possibly pick a sports team according to parent’s favorites, but that doesn’t work well, speaking from my own experience. I don’t think one of my kids likes the same sports teams I do. So, that may not work. It really can take some time to figure out what that little bundle is going to get.

Maybe you have a graduate! Well, that’s easy enough, a t-shirt quilt! But is it??? Maybe they don’t have t-shirts to give to a quilt, maybe they’re not even a t-shirt person. Or maybe you don’t WANT to make a t-shirt quilt. Possibly school colors or favorite colors-or as my one nieces requested, her new college colors. Are they into music, do they like outdoor activities. The list goes on and on!

I’ve seen numerous quilts in here that were started by the generation ahead of you or maybe even TWO generations ahead of you. Those are definitely special quilts. Some have squares partly finished or some kind of needlework on them, but all are very special to the quilter who has been lucky enough to receive them.

Personally, I’ve become a fan of paper piecing! Yes, it took awhile!! But, really, it’s so precise and no cut off points. I’ve done a Sassafrass Lane quilt (Arcadia Avenue) and I’ve finished my first Judy Niemeyer quilt (Fire Island Hosta). Now, my mind is wrapped around Judy Niemeyer’s Woodcarvers Star. I must admit that after being at one of her retreats, I’m ready for more. My list is long, but if you ask ME what I’m working on for the next few years, I will most likely have a paper piecing project in the works.

I’m not sure there is anything so inspiring to me as someone telling me what they are working on. It makes me want to go home and get after it, whatever IT is that I’m working on. So, how about you-what are YOU working on?