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Feb 2017

What Color Is Your Quilt?

What Color Is Your Quilt?

We’ve all thought about it. How would I console myself if something happened to me, or to my loved ones? Just thinking…If something did happen such as surgery, or a car accident, what would you do? Would you take a vacation to get away from it all, or would you pull out your favorite project? Would you seek refuge in your quilting world, or uncover your sewing machine, and immerse yourself in your latest project?

Often, we never know what we’d do in an emergency. What we should do is be thankful that we have options, keeping our mind occupied. Having quilting in our lives helps us cope with the news that is not so favorable. When we must manage, often our works of art can take us far away from our pain, albeit, temporarily.

If you decided to plunge yourself into a project, would you select a large project, or a smaller one…just to take you through? Would your patterns reflect how you feel, choosing larger patterns or smaller ones which involve intricate stitching, keeping your mind away from your hurt?

Color choices also become affected in how we choose to deal with serious situations. Would we select colors such as yellow, red or orange to suggest feelings of comfort and warmth? Would we choose blue tones, including green and purple? These choices evoke feelings of calmness; yet, sadness or irrelevance. Would we select more muted tones to reflect what we are feeling at the time?

Often, it’s better to go with the flow. Open-up about what you feel, perhaps with a quilting buddy.  Stressors do need to be relieved and often an activity such as quilting can be comforting and keeps us busy. We focus in on what needs to be done, especially when it involves intricate sewing – escaping, again, temporarily (a good thing), from the stress that is surrounding us.

It’s difficult to say what we’d do, or reflect on in times that stress us out. All we can say is T.G.W.H.Q

(Thank God, We Have Quilting).

Until next time, Merry Moose wishes you a wonderful day!