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Apr 2015

Who wants to be different?

Who wants to be different?

Remember those days when you just wanted to be like everyone else? Certain jeans, certain shoes, even the same hairstyles? I’m beginning to like “different”! Maybe it’s just getting older, or maybe it’s just being around happy people all the time. The batik in the picture accompanying this is a bit different, but very eye catching! Quilters are quite accepting of “different” things-look at all the wonderful quilts that the Modern Quilters are turning out!! Makes one stop to think a bit. I find their quilts to be quite inspiring and oh, so beautiful!! I recommend that you take just a few minutes and check out the Modern Quilt Guild website and I dare you not to want to be a bit different when you look through their gallery. Maybe your next quilt won’t be so “traditional” as usual. Come on, let’s all be different and have some fun with color and design!!!